Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lost Bird Caught in Mid-Migration

Feel It Turn - Great Big Sea

I had a dream I was moving forward
Floating gently to the sun
I've come to see my world rewarded
A new day has begun

A lost bird caught in mid migration
Far away to a foreign land
Offspring of a secret nation
A new day has begun

I can see the earth below me
And I can feel it turn

Fog lifts to reveal potential
For generations prophesized
Our growth to be exponential
Our promise finally realized

I can see the earth below me
And I can feel it turn

Feel it turn across the sky
The world it learns, so must I

Cut steel wired into water
Fixed link, circumnavigate
Old men see your sons and daughters
No longer, no longer hesitate

I can see the earth below me
And I can feel it turn

Please, Kind Sir

Please, kind sir, the portrait I see,
If that is your daughter presented to me...
Look, her, face could laaaaunch a thooousand shiips
Look, her, face could laaaaunch a thoooousand shiiips
Thousand ships,
Thousand ships,
Thousand ships.

Very well,
Make yourself at home
Aaas, sheee
's up, she's dressing
She'll be down in a jiffy
Sheee's up, dressing
She'll be down in a jiffyy...

-- P. D. Q. Bach

Sunday, July 08, 2007

And then there was a temporary calm

And the last sabre-tooth tiger ducked back behind the shrubs.
And then there was a temporary calm.

And the bison found itself alone at the edge of the great plains.
It put one foot in front of the other.
It thought: this feels funny.
There is a purpose in my life,
What is it now again? I've forgotten.

And it put his hind leg in front of the other hind leg.
It almost tripped.
Thought he: I can't even walk proper.
And I'm starting to feel all empty inside.
I'm divorced from all substance.

And it puffed and blew out a damp mist.
And its eyes bleared in the brightening sun.
And it remembered:
My purpose, he recollected, is to keep my guts within
The confines of my skin the best I could; what have I done?

He put his hind hoof in front again.
Then it messed up quite bad and he fell.
And there he lay.
It seems stupid, but I don't feel like getting up again.
I feel more alive than I have ever since my mother had me.

And he heaved and stars filled his thought.
And his reapers rustled their way out of foliage.
And he watched them and saw his new life.
Why are we so afraid of you?

The cats were patient. They sat down.
Their bloodied-white scythes in wait.
He couldn't flee, but his plan could not fail.
With his last breath: What is dying like?

And he fled.
And their pride would stay alive for this full moon.