Saturday, May 24, 2014

Obscurum Inter Stellas II

Writing as indication that I am still living

One. Translation work. Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore, Father Henry Siew's course starting July. Eleven chapters, at press time four completed. English to Chinese. Inevitably, Greek and Latin are also involved. What ensues is angst and a growing suspicion that the course is just a bunch of tautologies and deep thought would be unattainable, but I do my best.

Two. Tagaytay mission trip. Verbum Dei Missionaries. Philippines, Cavite Province, 45 km S of Manila. 29 May to 5 Jun. Spartan packing list plus old clothes and supplies to donate. Learning a bit of the language (now to the extent that I know the Hail Mary and 1x song). Lesson planning for 1.5 hours, various admin duties, replenishing medical supplies as is the drill.

Three. Guitar Ensemble people in Japan. Two weeks in Japan, also being subsumed into the Niibori cult. Concert today.

Four. Thursday lunch. After lunch we were bored. Naturally, we went to visit the Parliament.

Five. Monday Civilian Route March. 17.3 km West Coast to Bishan. Route could have been better planned to avoid hectic stretch at Adam / Lornie / Braddell Road. Bought tea and read Philosophy of Mathematics by James Robert Brown, a refreshing break from Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas.