Saturday, June 25, 2005

Entry 155: Blogging from Vienna

Blogging from Vienna here; seems that the keyboard in Austria isn't as dodgy as the French version. The first six letters in the top row is QWERTZ.

Went to the Kunst museum thingy and the Hofburg palace in the city centre, and almost partied in the Donauinsel in the Danube Festival. Then we popped in to Hotel Geblergaße to see some friends.

ß is a nice letter to type. ßßßßßßßß And so is üüüööö and äää

Will leave tomorrow for Budapest.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Entry 154: Blogging from Paris

Actually I'm in this place called Saint-Ouen which is technically not Paris. And I'm stuck in another internet bar with this dodgy French keyboard I can't type properly with. It's full of às and ès and çs and €s qnd µs and other symbols you would not even dream of typing without the character map, and the type set is more like AZERTY than QUERTY.

The letters are arranged like this:

France is the first place I have ever visited where I have to try to speak a language I don't know. Vienna is going to be second. Budapest is going to be okay due to the international conference held there in the city.

I went to the Louvre yesterday!!!!! Details will follow.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Entry 153: Blogging from London

I'm in London!

We'd found an internet bar at Preston Road near the station and now I'm blogging from this place. Next to the road, facing the roaring traffic. Takes the spirit off writing really.

Anyway since I really can't write now, I expect pictures and all the other narrative crap will be up after the holidays. Just so you'll know.