Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blogging from Kanchanaburi

Day 3: It's my third day today in Kanchanaburi province. Since I had fallen asleep throughout the coach ride here from Don Muang airport, there is almost no sense of place. Only the looming hills and the anal weather made the landscape any more distinctive than what we have usually.

There is an internet cafe in the Sai Yok Camp canteen. Internet connection here is slow-ish. I play minesweeper when stuff are loading.

Day 6: I have gone out a while ago and seen Thailand. It would have been wonderful, if the weather wasn't so anal. The mountains here are funnily shaped and a funny smell hangs in the air at some spots. Dogs are all over the place.

Ok, no more updating for a long time, till I come back to Singapore, I think.

Day 14:
Ok I'm sorry I just can't resist an update and stuff.

Back from a 7-day field excursion. Can't remember much except foodwise, and doesn't feel like writing about it anyway. Also, I have a cold thanks to the retarded weather. While calling back, had some updates on the outside world. Mom did not divulge anything much about this other than natural disasters.

Saturday was the real Mid-Autumn Festival, two weeks after the celebrations in school. The full moon and mosquitoes kept me awake all night, and there was no peace.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Holeh Smoke

Two buddies sat holed up underground one day.

A: Aiyah, cannot take it already! So hot inside here!
B: Walao, dun be such a sissy can anot? Less than 50 seconds inside here already start to complain.
A: Really lah! Weather forecast say Bangkok here is 25 to 32 degrees. Come here onlyyy... see the sun up theeere. I think, I think around forty forty-five there lor! You not hot meh?
B: Okay lah.
A: Sign on lah!
B: Siao! (标准答案是也)
A: You up there one hor, sure can make it one.
B: Aiyah... lucky I brought my fan here, you wanna use?
A: You're the man!

B: Eh, eh, buddy, why you so quiet now?
A: Fan shiok mah
B: Go to sleep already ah?
A: Aiyah, nothing to do, just sleep eryi.
B: Cannot be do one. The fan the AAA battery only last for 3 hours. Power at least ration abit lah.
A: What? You never bring spare bat ah?
B: Got, 500%, but uphill. Sorry lah, I forgot to bring
A: Wah lan eh!

Fan: sputter sputter fizzle fizzle
A: What happening?
B: You see lah, battery used up liao.
A: Wah lan eh, buay sai lah!
B: Told yooou
A: You never
B: I diiiiid
A: Aiyah, I comms upstairs see how.

A: Hole to team comm, hole to team comm.
Commander: Team comm send.
A: Can pass some triple-A bat down here?
C: Why never ration?
A: Sirrr, the batteries life too short le.
C: Sorry lah, we abit busy up here lah. We cooking noodle for you.
A: Then cannot come down ah?
C: Wait abit can anot? Later got alot of chicken abalone waiting for y'all, can eat until y'all sick. Come out at sunset then I give you. Okay?

B: How's he say?
A: Aiyah, he oso buay sai lah.
B: You wan go uphill to take anot?
A: Never mind, I lazy.
B: 'kay lor.
A: Very sian lah! What time is it?
B: 9:45 am
A: Liddat only?! I wanna keng le
B: Who dun wan to keng
A: Yah la, you oso agree... I think tomorrow I cui already, must go back to camp and report sick.
B: How?
A: Say I stay inside hole for too long then kena heatstroke.
B: This excuse cannot make it one
A: Say my legspace cramped until got compound femural fracture.
B: Dun be lame lah.
A: Say that I miss home so much until I hallucinate
B: Say that you stay in hole so long until you turn gay
A: Why din I think of that?

B: Eh? You heard that?
A: Nothing one lah.
B: Vehicle eh?
A: Aiyah, it passed already. Shit, you got take picture?
B: Oh no, the picture inside cannot see a thing.
A: Buay sai lah, cannot see shit still stay here for what?
B: Contact drill mah.
A: Wun come one...
B: Sure come today one! Confirm, soompah
A: Oh yar, today last day hor.

B: Hole to team comm hole to team comm
C: Yar, what?
B: Uh, we saw something.
C: What thing?
B: I think tank ah.
C: Oh, tink tank ah, good, good. You got handphone with you?
B: Err, yes.
C: Can call signaller later? I sleep first.
A: What he say?
B: He say good.
A: Okay lor.

A: I think I call home ah.
Phone: Ringggg
A: Why never pick uuup-
Mom: Hello?
A: 妈!
M: 哎!你怎么样啊?
A: 哎呀,苦掉渣了!你猜我在哪里?
M: 哪里?
A: 我在洞里!
M: 哈哈哈。。。那你在洞里是不是一动不动?
A: 妈!不好笑!
A: Okay lor.
Dad: 儿子,你在洞里是吗?
A: 是啊
D: 那你好好待吧。
A: 爸!不好笑!
M: 儿子,你一定要坚强地熬过这个星期!一切很快就会过了!
A: 妈,还很长啊。。。

B: Sian lah, when he coming? He come then we can go out already
A: He forgot about us already lah- oshit, got vehicle!
B: everything on!

Thunderflash: Chk fsssss plap fsssss
Thunderflash: BOOMZ
B: Yeeeeargh-ha!
A: ORD loh!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

On the people who still came back

I was there for Mid Autumn Festival from circa 1745 to 2000 hours; not too long. I met some of the people, and failed to meet the others. You must forgive me, I was dragged off to dinner halfaways.

Not caring much about performances, rituals and suchlike, I scuttered around the plaza, sifted through the crowd only to pick up familiar faces. An estimated 5% of the 2006 cohort returned this year, pretty neatly corresponding to those I wanted to see the most. These included Victor Goh's clique, the S70 guys, the S6B guys, The Wushu people, Zhang Hao and DesChun. To my added delight, for this year's MAF the art room was unlocked too. The gallery had new stuff and I got to see them all.

The best thing about these aforementioned is that they behaved like real people, not abstractions of a life in the distant future. With them you could reflect upon your own lives till high hours and feel good about; these small, claustrophobic lives that only we know and have come perversely to love.

Dinner was with Mingyang and sister at Adam Road Hawker Centre. After that we walked the fella home to his mansion. On the way there, I ran into Timothy Hwang.

Bought a book today at Vivo:
This is just my kind of stuff! =D

Saturday, September 05, 2009


I have passed my second week in this course, this time in Tekong. This outfield experience is very much different from whatever I'd had previously. The time spent under rainforest foliages is longer, and hardheaded slogging replaced the good old chiong sua. Hiding in a grave-shaped hole for hefty hours of shifts isn't fun, but doing the signal setups is. This combination of torture and fun is a sure formula for insanity; not that I mind it very much though.

My friends seem to have grown tired of dried mango. Never mind, I bring beef jerky this time.
Next up: Outfield Week AIII
Also on list: Outfields BI, BII-III Thailand