Friday, March 25, 2016

The Lament of the Three Marys - Caoineadh na dTrí Mhuire

A Pheadair, a Aspail, an bhfaca tú mo ghrá geal? (Óchón, is óchón ó)
Chonaic mé ar ball é á chéasadh gan ordan (Óchón, is óchón ó)
- Oh Peter, apostle, did you see my loved one? (Alas, alas, and alas!)
- I saw him while ago, being attacked by the enemy (Alas, alas, and alas!)
Cé hé an fear breá sin ar Chrann na Páise?
An é nach n-aithníonn tú do mhac, a mhaithrín?
- Who is that fine man on the Tree of Passion?
- Don't you recognize your own son, Mother?

An é sin an maicín a thuileadh in ucht Mháire?
An é sin an maicín a rugadh insan stábla?
- Is that the little son I carried for three trimesters?
- Is that the little son who was born in the stable?

An é sin an maicín a d'iompair mé trí ráithe?
A mhicín mhuirneach, tá do bhéal is do shróinín gearrtha
- Or is that the little son who was reared at Mary's breast?
- O little darling son, your mouth and your nose are cut

Cuireadh tairní maola trína chosa is trína lámha
Cuireadh an tsleá trína bhrollach álainn
- And blunt nails were driven through his feet and hands
- And a spear was driven through his beautiful chest

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Painting for Sakhayana

On Monday, while evening mass had just started, Sakhayana Alekseyeva, a famous actress who lived in Yakutsk, saw a painting which I had published on Instagram. She replied, saying that she loved it, then she shared it for the rest of her fans. It was the best thing that happened all day! I made sure the world knew.

I made the painted version of this picture in particular from Marie's advice, because of that mesmerising and surreal effect from the frost on her eyelashes, and also I needed some outlet to express and exorcise this unlikely, sudden, and stupid infatuation which stirred my emotions into a mush and gave inspiration to all sorts of strange creative ventures.

Back before the sanctuary, I gave a quick thanks to the upstairsman for allowing me even this small and frivolous joy in painting a picture of a beautiful lady, and the indulgence of being noticed for the trouble. I certainly hope this made her day as much as it had made mine. Meanwhile I shall pack up and busy myself with many other things.

Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 cm
  20 March 2016

(It's just a study, really.) 
[Link to Sakhayana's Instagram]
[Drama series "Ыллыктар (Transcr.: Illıktar)" from NVK Sakha]