Saturday, June 13, 2009

Inscription 525

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I: Army life now takes up 95% of my time. Maybe it's not a bad thing. Maybe it's not a bad thing 1 year later and looking back; maybe not now.

I'm in the Army Guard of Honour in both parades (National Day and SAF Day)
Zhengyou and Wei Lai are in as well, in the Regimental Colours contingent.
Eugene Tan has enlisted this year, and he now works in my camp, a storeman.
We even met Jonathan with NCC cadets at Pasir Laba.
Weiyi told me the other day that he got posted to Hendon. It turned out that I was sorely deceived, and it was an April Fool's joke.

I have seen with my own eyes the standard of footdrill in the NPCC ranks. I laughed at them. I should be so ashamed.

II: Music now playing mostly Swedish stuff in my iPod on various bus trips, tonner trips etc. to and fro Hendon and SAFTI, Hendon and Nee Soon, Hendon and Pasir Laba, Hendon and NTU, Hendon and home, and so on. There is a slant towards Korean music lately, namely of the North Korean sort: folksily boisterous and spiked with horrendous electronic instrumentation. The horrendousness is oddly pleasing to listen to, nonetheless.

Marie finds these North Korean songs dead annoying though.

III: Plans
Plan to go UK next year, because Yee Chien needs a hefty helping of Irish coffee, she says

Plan to learn playin' the guitar
Plan to pick up again playin' the piano
Plan to learn playin' the organ
Plan to go on a biking adventure trip
Plan to go on a mountaineering trip
Plan to go Hokkaido
Plan to learn driving
Plan to join a design firm
Plan to start a design firm
Plan to sell my paintings
Plan to make some more paintings
Plan to take up a saving scheme

I shall not forget all these abovementioned

IV: Alas, I shall spare you the real ranting