Stories from the Little Ocean

A collection of stories set in a warmer, post-apocalyptic Arctic fringe. Europe, Russia, China and Japan had long fallen, and have joined the Sumerians and Romans in the list of ancient and legendary kingdoms. Their descendants live on and now populate the coast of the Little Ocean, from Lapland to Dudinka, from the Westfjords to the Diomedan Isles; and from Nanortalik to Inuvik, all through the Canadian Archipelago. Here are some stories (sketches, really) that I have spun out from their very varied situations.

2009, Oct 29: The Skeptic King - Aigin is accidentally proclaimed King by superstitious folk
2009, Dec 26: Hanilnaro - Hanilnaro becomes a free man and a swashbuckling villain
2012, Dec 16: The Light-Wand - the dangers of technology in the hands of the ignorant
2014, Feb 1: Wisdom of the Ancients - where the fate of the ancient world is discussed
2015, Dec 26: A Folktale told in the Winter Solstice - religion in the Palearctic nations
2016, Sep 11: Amatodate - a community of warrior monks in the Putorana Plateau
2017, Jul 13: The Demon of Krasnoyarsk - a great capital city is destroyed in a flood
2017, Jul 14: Idiot Son - a mentally-challenged man saves his neighbours from slaughter
2017, Aug 11: Parmiakert - Elena escapes a massacre by a miraculous intervention
2017, Aug 13: Haji Thexeira - The Lady appears in the bard's dreams near Miriamyurt
2017, Aug 28: Lisbeta Griadina - Lady Ershebet makes the most out of a short life

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