Travelogues and related stuff

Hitmap coloured by country (or subdivisions of certain large countries), 14 August 2018

Travelogues: Temburong District, Brunei + Taiwan + Jakarta and Banten + Baltic States + Helsinki + Luxembourg and its neighbourhood + Ångermanland region, Sweden (Urkult festival) + Irkutsk Oblast, Russia + Canton Vaud, from Crissier to Lac de Joux + Lincoln, Nebraska (1) (2) + Prague and Ostrava + World Youth Day 2016 at Kraków + Spain and Portugal + Tehran

Language Proficiencies:
"How many languages do you speak?" is a question that friends ask me all the time. This is from my habit of visiting places that speak unfamiliar languages and trying to learn the language before the trip. I am often unable to nail it down to an exact number, because everyone's idea of knowing a language seems to be different, and frequently languages can be dropped as easily as they are picked up, due to lack of use. Here, I get into the details:

Native proficiency: Mandarin Chinese and English
Conversational proficiency: French, Spanish
I have tricked people into thinking I speak these: German, Russian, Portuguese
Beginner proficiency: Malay-Indonesian, Kadazandusun, Hokchia

Hitmap coloured by top-level (Roman/Alexandrian) Catholic Church divisions, updated 14 August 2018
Visitations to the Global Church: 
A list of dioceses (Bold: archdioceses) where I attended mass:

United States:  Spokane (Baptism) + Los Angeles + Lincoln + New York
Asia: Singapore (Confirmation) + Bandung + Surabaya + Kuching 古晉+ Melaka-Johor + Imus + Foochow 福州 + Taipei 台北 Colombo + Tehran [Chaldean Archeparchy] + Kota Kinabalu 亞庇 + Pangkal Pinang 槟港 (Taman Doa Maria Guadelupe) + Hồ Chí Minh City 城庯胡志明 + Jining 集寧 (Our Lady of Mozishan 磨子山) + Beijing 北京
Europe: Helsinki + Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg + Copenhagen + Reykjavik + St. Andrews and Edinburgh + Galway and Kilmacduagh and Kilfenora + Lyon + Milan + WarszawaCzęstochowa + Katowice + Kraków (WYD2016) + Šiauliai (Hill of Crosses) + Madrid + Santander + Leiria-Fátima + Toledo