Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Secret of Kells

The Secret of Kells
2009 Tomm MOORE and Nora TWOMEY (Dir.)
Bruno COULAIS (Music)
1 hour 15 minutes

It's not a normal classical animated feature when every frame looks like a flippen illuminated manuscript.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I have discovered Kíla

Rossa, Rónán and Colm Ó Snodaigh, Dee Armstrong, Eoin Dillon, Seanan Brennan, Brian and Lance Hogan

Settling Scores

1. Scores should be settled as and when they arise, in order to preserve goodwill and minimise misunderstanding.

2. A score not settled is injustice allowed to happen. A score not settled is an insult to one's own willpower and to the other's moral standing.

3. A score is often foregone because one is afraid that the other will take offense. He forgoes the score to the expense of his own interests.

This is irresponsible behaviour; one has a limited capacity to which he is willing and able to shoulder the consequences of someone else's actions. He who makes it a habit will eventually give way himself, to the detriment of all around him.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The World is Rather Complicated

The world is populated with good people; people that have your best interests at heart, people who feel love, people who value friendship, people who find joy in helping others. When I believe this, I let my guard slip... and make bad decisions.

The world is populated with bad people; people who are irrational, people who have hidden selfish motives, people who are hateful, people who are lazy, people who have no sense of priority. When I believe this, I find it hard to tell what people are up to, and what they say often do not make sense. I admit too many possibilities, and fill up my mind with too much information... Eventually, something slips, and I make a bad decision.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Freshman Journal 1.1.4

Note: "Journal 1.1.4" denotes an entry from (Year)1.(Semester)1.(Week)4

I. Modules

Ia. MA1505 Mathematics I
Now because I take this GEK1517 module, MA1505 seems lame and pedantic.
However, this feeling is deceptive! When I do the tutorials, I keep needing the help of my 1-semester old answers (because in addition to crashing MA1505 lectures from February to April 2010, I also did the tutorial questions).
This can not continue. I must revise the concepts we learnt in class and make it intuitive in the most hardcore way imaginable.

Ib. GEK1517 Mathematical Thinking
I am wholly satisfied with this module and am enjoying all of its lectures and tutorials despite the possibility of me failing it at the end.
The lecturer Assoc. Prof. Leung is a difficult guy to talk to, although his lectures are entertaining.

Ic. PC1431 Physics IE
The lecturer talks with an accent I find unbearable. I cannot reproduce the accent for more than a few seconds without choking on my own tongue.

Id. CM1417 Fundamentals of Chemistry
I want to quickly pwn this module because I get kind of embarrassed whenever I have to admit that I did not take H2 Chemistry for 'A' Levels.
To reiterate, the reason for not taking H2 Chemistry was pure stupidity.
Crashed a year 2 Chemistry lecture earlier this week with Brian, who told me that all the wonderful stuff on screen were covered by H2 Chem. Man, what have I missed all these years?

Ie. WP2201I Messing With Nature: Unintended Consequences
First graded assignment in on Thursday.
2 readings due tomorrow (guiltily as I write)


IIa. Mountaineering Club / MIR
I am now in MIR10 EXCO, understudy Publicity i/c.
I chose it not just because it sounds very slack, but also because I have experience in design ('A' Level credentials)!
The batch is small but new members keep coming in. Trainings consist of an endurance run on Tuesday evenings, speed training on Thursday evenings, and something fun and random on Saturday morning till noon.

IIb. Guitar Ensemble / GENUS
After 5 years in and out of guitar noobdom, I am performing in concert!
It's a late notice, but here are the details...

Wednesday 8 September
University Cultural Centre
Free Admission, Limited Seats!

My group's items are
Francis LAI arr. Koji KUBO: 13 Days in France
Sir Edward ELGAR arr. Masako OHASHI: Salut d'Amour

IIc. Catholic Students' Society / CSS
Infuriatingly, I have to skip lessons in order to attend the activities of CSS every week.
Attended a mass in LT17, School in Business on Friday, presided by Fr. Alex from Saint Joseph (Bukit Timah). It was the first time in my experience that the pews were higher in elevation than the sanctuary.

IId. Astronomy Club / NUSAS
With apologies to Kenneth!

I now recommend that although one tries their very best to be hardcore, their timetable will invariably disappoint them by clashing. One high-key and one low-key CCA is a good balance, and that is enough.

III. My weight
These weeks have seen increase. Evidently, my active lifestyle is not active enough. Will switch to a more masochistic regimen in short notice.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Needs some clarifying

Q. Are you Christian?
A. Yes.
Q. Which church do you go to?
A. Holy Cross.
Q. Where is it at?
A. Clementi.
Q. But isn't that a Catholic church?
A. Yes.
Q. So you're... Catholic-Christian?
A. Yes?