Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A tersely-written update

1. Crashing (and has done so since 11 January) lectures at NUS, in three modules: MA1505 Maths, PC1431 Physics IE and EG 1108 Electrical Engineering with Damien and Zhang Hao. Tutorials self-completed and peer-reviewed. Damien going all out for old textbooks; he's more hardworking than I am.

2. Ainan asked me last Tuesday about eye candy in NUS. Eye candy is not a big problem yet.

3. Crashing the art room on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on consent from Teachers. Gets to be first truly calafare AEP senior on the scene. Despite the stigma that the profession of 3D modelling bore in 2nd Company, I am picking it up again. And thank God I still know how to!

4. Has no job and is not looking.

5. Driving lessons starting in 11 Feb.

6. Guitar lessons starting in ?????

7. Installed: 3ds MAX 9 and Visual C++ 2008 Express, uninstalled: most games.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Setting off to a better year

The event hyped as the first class reunion of the decade happened on Saturday, 2 Jan 2010 from 1130 to 1800 hours. The atmosphere is markedly more amiable in this reunion: possibly because less people attended this year, and also possibly because we (5 out of 11) went for a drink instead of spending the afternoon watchng something shitty from Hollywood.

Matriculation for Semester Two of the 2009/10 batch of NUS students starts next week at 11 Jan 2010. Damien, Yixiong and Jedi are all thinking of jumping the gatecrashing bandwagon with me. O Merciful heavens! It is dreadful just thinking about crashing lectures all by myself.

Ainan has had a place in High School as a substitute teacher. If my gatecrashing leaves any breathing space, being an assistant to the AEP staff in my school shouldn't be out of the question.

The Sautais are coming to Singapore via Jakarta in an unspecified time. Meanwhile, through cultural differences or whatever it may be, Cyrielle is making me nervous. But never mind, I shall do my best and pick up some French; hopefully, I can pick it up as easy as I did for Indonesian.

Reading profusely again this season, usually in the libraries (i.e. NUS Central or Jurong Regional Library) to avoid the computer and its myriad temptations- Klondike, Mousehunt and whatnot.