Monday, December 27, 2004


In the village the night before the last I lay down in my bed and knocked on the doors to the subconscious. I came into this futuristic mid-air cruise Zeppelin hundreds of kilometres above sea level. The rooms were bloody big and posh, the kids were playing around but the strangest thing I saw was the sky. From right below to around ten degrees below eye level was the daytime stratosphere sky, clear blue with white clouds below. above ten degrees above eye level was that of evening sky, of a darker shade. Between these two zones was a region occupied oddly by a solid purple band. Right above was another gap, this time in the shape of a decagon, that made a deep dark hole in the sky, leading off to space.

Everything else that happened during the past week had been dampeners to our spirit after the exodus from Yunnan. Just the third day I came back to Fuqing I fell sick; didn't get any better until yesterday. The road trips seemed to be the best parts.

I miss my home!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Blogging From Kunming

Well we're finally here after a long and tortuous flight on another boeing 737 plane (though I rather suspected that it was the same one) we finally found the seat belt lights light up, which meant we were descending. Under the wing was a thick blanket of clouds.

Then after our plane broke through that, there was another blanket of clouds beneath us. So we were smack sandwiched between cloud layers. Brilliant. Never before seen anything like that.

And after we broke through that one, we saw Kunming city, where dad's conference is held. I have never seen anything like that either. It's city as far as the eyes could see. It's a concrete jungle as far as the eyes could see... before all is lost beyond the foggy background. Kunming city is one of those megacities in the midlands, as big as -- well, bigger than Singapore Island itself, for example.

They say that the air in Kunming is relatively fresh. They probably haven't been to Cape Town. Here all I could smell is engine exhaust and cigarette.

The view from my hotel room was horrible. So horrible in fact, I took relish under its drabness. It probably inspired a lot of tragedy plays. The window faced the Kunming broadway, which had hardly any traffic lights. If that's not enough, at night the sky turns grey! At least the sky over Singapore is inky black, and stars COULD show up if you looked hard enough.

But on the light side, Julie and her sister are staying with us in the hotel, so I have two more people to talk to... and with more on the way.