Expository writings

Mathematical proofs and demonstrations are really fun to do and they take up much of my free time during my undergraduate days:

2010, Autumn Semester: The Aranjuez Diaries (Philosophy of Mathematics)
2010, Autumn Semester: The Nabla Vector (First-year Engineering Math)
2010, Autumn Semester: Theorems of Vector Calculus
2011, Spring Semester: Real Analysis
2013, Spring Semester: Prof János Pach's Bonus Questions (Graph Theory at EPFL)

There are also other works of non-fiction, expository stuff, not all of which are serious at all:

2008, December 21: Firebase Orchestra (making music out of live firing trainings)
2010, May 22: How to Tame your Canvas (description of my painting technique)
2011, February 23: Street Brawl Mathematics (First-year Engineering Math)
2012, July 5: Mosquitoes (I hate mosquitoes)
2012, November 22: Mud Bricks and Straw (Materials Science)
2012, November 29: The Likelihood of Waterspouts in the Straits of Singapore
2014, October 21: The Elusive Perovskite (how does one find it?)
2015, April 14: The curious notion that one should not discover a dead thing and then leave without doing it some small service (pondering dead birds)

Two passages, in particular, deal with my ideas and experiences helping my friend Valerio learn Chinese:

2015, March 1: Part 1 - Pinyin, Tone and Springtime
2015, April 4: Part 2 - Grammar and Vocabulary

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